All You Need to Know About Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polishes are unique and provide a great protection and remain intact comparing with other polishes. The new gel polishes are not purely UV gel nails neither purely nail polish; instead, they are the combination of both. Shellac andGeleration are the examples of these polish brands.

To properly apply a gel nail polish can’t be completed without using an ultraviolet light to treat every single layer. These hybrid beauty items are great to opt and provide ultimate convenience to their customers. If you want to remove the nail polish, a quality remover is necessary and you should dip it for few minutes for taking it off. This is the major down point using these polishes, but the advantages are numerous anyhow. And if you are curious about these nail polish prices, good news is that you can get them at a reasonable cost by using a reputed price finder site.

Benefits of Gel Nail Polish:There are many benefits using gel nail polish over other methods. So let’s discuss these first in detail.One of the best benefits of using gel nail polish is that they look just like the natural nails.By utilising these, your nails look glossy and thin. And due to this, your entire hand looks attractive.These polishes are durable and safe to use. The special type of glue is used for attaching nails conveniently.These are the perfect time saver. And they are ideal for those who don’t want to waste their time by visiting the beautician every other week.Gel nail polishes are extremely easy to remove as well. Just dip for five minutes or so into any acrylic remover and you are done.Drawbacks:

No doubt, gel nail polish gives some great benefits to its users but they have some drawbacks as well which are important to note.First and the most important point to note is that these polishes are little expensive to purchase comparing with others. Because the total price will be calculated by adding the price of the gel polish and the UV lamp. This issue can be resolved to some extent through a cheapest price finder tool. This way, you will get any kind of nail polishes from the top manufacturers at the best possible prices.They are not as strong as an acrylic or full gel nail tip; however, they can remain intact for 2 to 3 weeks without any damage.These polishes can’t be applied and removed properly without the help of some professionals. Although you can do it by yourself but ensure that you have enough knowledge to utilise gel nail polishes.Whenever the nails damage or split, it is obvious that they will lose their root. Therefore, you can’t fix them alone. You will need to go to a salon and fix it back or replaced it completely.According to the recent researches, UV lamp that burned manicure destroys the nail and the related skin, making it bit harmful.If you put this polish more than 7 times continuously, without giving any rest, it may probably destroy the nail plate. This can be irritating for you and will cost you more as well.

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