Shimmering Bodies

Makeup is used by most women to make them look better. Till about a decade ago makeup was used by adults. However the trend is now changing and you can easily see younger and younger women applying makeup. By younger we refer to really young girls in schools and as young as 9 or 10 years. These girls wear makeup to be “in”. With such young girls applying makeup it becomes our responsibility to see that our kids don’t look like adults.

New cosmetic and makeup products are being launched with the younger generation as the target. With really young girls using makeup it is essential that we use products that suit them and retain their innocence. If your daughter insists on using makeup the best you can do is to help her choose age appropriate products so that she doesn’t look like an adult. A particularly favorite product line is the sparkling shimmering cosmetics aimed at the younger lot.

There is a whole line of products that can make the body shimmer. Glitter or sparkles can be applied on cheeks, lips, eyelids and if you want on the legs and arms too. Teenagers and younger women love this fun technique and use it to look good.

Body shimmers are available as loose powder in small containers. They are applied with the help of a brush. The brush is dipped into the shimmer container and then used on the face or body parts of your choice. It is used after you have finished applying makeup. A cream product is also available, and can be rubbed with the finger tips.

You may use the powder shimmer for your eyes or opt for shimmery eye shadows. These give you the glitter and sparkle you are looking for. Similarly you can choose a lipstick or lip gloss that has glitter added to it.

If you want to restrict the sparkles to your cheeks, a blush with glitter could do the trick. Irrespective of how young you are, use sparkling cosmetics with restrictions. It is easy to overdo it and a restrained use can make you look good. It makes good beauty sense to use it to highlight a particular area of your choice.


Many self tanning products have a sheen finish. These can be used on legs and arms to bring about a glowing tanned look. You can use these self tanning products anywhere on the body to make your skin look well tanned with a nice healthy glow. The product can be used by women and girls of all ages. Shimmer adding self tanning products are available as sprays, lotions and creams.

If your young daughter has been badgering you to let her use makeup you can now guide her to the right products. These cosmetic products meant for younger women will keep them from looking like adult women. Having said this it is entirely your decision if you should let your young daughter wear makeup or not. As her mother it is your responsibility to guide your child to do the right thing.

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