Anti-Aging Skin Care – What is the Best Anti Aging Product on the Market?

If you are asking me what the best anti aging product on the market is, well, the short answer really is there is none. Nothing can actually stops skin aging from occurring. Although it is inevitable, there are quite a lot we can do to fight the skin problems associated with aging.

Briefly about collagen

Our skin is composed of collagen bundles, among others. These bundles actually are combination of collagen and elastin molecules, brought together by Hyaluronic acid.

Collagen is a naturally occurring protein found on the skin, ligaments and ligatures. Together with elastin, collagen molecules provide elasticity and firmness of the skin layers. When the skin area suffers from reduced collagen content, the uppermost surface begins to sag and develop wrinkles, among other age-related skin conditions.

In order for the body to continue reproduce collagen, ideal conditions and essential nutrients should be readily available in the body system. And even if the body alone produces its own collagen, aging process diminishes this natural ability to reproduce collagen. The body could no longer optimally augment continuing collagen loss.

To fight these signs of aging on the skin, what we need are not replacements of the lost collagen. It is unfortunate that many products abound in the market, containing collagen substances embedded in them for topical application. Let me tell you, these products are worthless and is an utter waste of money.

Why is that so? Numerous clinical trials have concluded that collagen and elastin have molecular sizes that are too big to pass through the skin pores. As such, they cannot be absorbed directly by the body through topical application. The molecular size is so huge that even actually consuming collagen would still not work. It cannot be digested at all.

Look for these ingredients

What you need are products containing ingredients long identified to promote collagen production. Look for skin care products that contain sufficient amount of Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Nano Lipobelle Coenzyme Q10. You may also search for optional Manuka Honey, vitamin E, etc.

Do not go for products that contain harmful chemicals and substances like mineral oil, paraben, fragrance and alcohol. Some of them are even carcinogenic. Neither should you avail of services that offer quick-fix solutions. They do not address the causes of the problem, aside from being expensive.

This is the only sensible, holistic and truly effective way of fighting the signs of aging. Any product that contains these ingredients is the best anti aging product you can find in the market.

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