Collagen Facial Cream – The Honest Truth About Collagen Cream

Everyone wants to look good, have clear beautiful skin, and be free from wrinkles, fine lines and sagging looking skin.

And to ensure your looks, you may have come across collagen facial cream advertisements showing how such creams can do to reverse aging skin. But the whole truth about all collagen creams may surprise you. It doesn’t work and never will. In fact, it really does nothing more than a normal cream will do.

Many women have bought tubes and tubes of collagen cream but none of them have saw any success. And a lot of women feel that they have duped by those cosmetic companies! And you know what the most amazing thing of them all is? They are still buying their products! It’s not their fault but it certainly shows how ill informed some of us are.

But why doesn’t collagen cream work? Isn’t it a common fact that our skin ages because we are short of collagen?

The reason is this.

Well, first you must understand that our skin is made up of 5 layers of epidermis. Collagen forms about 75% in these layers. As we grow old, our renewal skin cells starts to slow down. When this happens, the epidermis structures began to weaken and subsequently break down.

Collagen molecules is simply too large to penetrate to the skin. There’s no way you can make collagen absorbed into the skin just by rubbing onto the skin. The only way collagen can be delivered to our skin is through injections, and not through any fancy collagen facial cream.

It is true that collagen is the basic building block of a good skin care system. However, it is an entire myth that collagen facial creams can actually improve your skin. The reality is, there are no benefit at all when you apply collagen cream to your face, neck or whatever areas.

Bottom line? Do not ever spend any money on a collagen cream. It’s really like throwing money down the drain.

So what’s the solution then? One problem with us women is that we often pick the wrong skin care products because of its ingredients.

If you want to reduce wrinkles or get rid of unsightly fines lines, I would suggest you try ingredients like Cynergy TK with functional keratin. Alternatively, go for skin care creams that contain Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 or Active Manuka Honey. These ingredients tend to promote collagen building and they are know to be very effective against skin aging problems.

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