Cover Up Your Acne With Makeup

Regardless of what acne treatment you are using, you simply can’t lose the problem within a span of few hours. But what are you do till the time you achieve clear skin? Of course, you can hide yourself in one dark corner. However, there are better things that you can do like camouflaging your breakouts with makeup.

Makeup covers your acne to a huge extent so you can enjoy a decent social life. It can hide all the appalling looking zits and zits. But you have to be terribly careful about the makeup you use. Wrong makeup material would only land you in trouble. It is strongly recommended that you use mineral based makeup. Such makeup products are made of naturally occurring ingredients which are safe for a skin already suffering acne.

Start by employing a concealer. These days, several concealers are easily available in the market. Go in for the one that comes in a stick form. Use a green coloured concealer first. The green coloured concealer neutralizes the red color of pimples and zits. Chase up the green colored concealer with a neutral coloured concealer.

When you have covered your zits with a concealer, the next step would be to employ a foundation. Go in for a foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone. Apply a smooth coat of foundation over your skin. You could apply a little additional foundation on the zits. But ensure that you do not overdo it.

As shortly as the layer of foundation dries, you should apply compact powder on it. Again ensure that you only use a mineral based compact powder. Use a big brush with soft bristles. Use small amounts of compact and spread it as evenly as feasible or it will look unnatural.

On your cheeks, you should apply blush. As acne basically impacts the cheeks this is very important. Please note that you use blush in restricted amount and prefer neutral tones like coral, pink or bronze. You can use pale shade as well because all these shades cover up your zits.

To give your make an ideal finish, you can do up your lips and eyes. For the eyes you could try Arabic eye makeup or create a more smoky effect. Many of us even prefer cat eye looks. You may use eye liner in fashionable colours like blue and silver. A kohl pencil would also help. For the lips, use a dark colored lip liner and lipstick in whiter shade.

Remember which make up only hides your acne. If you want a permanent solution, your only choice is a correct acne solution system like Clearpores Skin Cleansing System. It’ll solve your acne problem for good so you can have a full fledged social life.

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