Deep Active Cleansing Mask Product

After a period of two weeks, you must give your skin an additional deep cleansing treatment. This is done to get rid of toxins. For this reason a very unique deep active cleansing mask for cleansing and was developed as element of our men’s skin care product variety. This is to give anybody’s neck and face a deep and revitalizing cleansing treatment.

The face mask is uniquely formulated for types of skin and ideally should be used twice a month (by alternating every 2nd week with the Hydrating Mask). Remember to leave the mask in your face for about half an hour, and then rinse it away.

Your skin will feel fresh and aglow with health!

A significant component in this product is Kaolin. It gently pulls out filth from your skin moreover absorbs oil. Kaolin’s moderately drying and disinfectant properties also help heal redness and blemishes, and stops new ones from forming.

We’ve mixed kaolin with a bentone gel that works to enhance the cleanse effectiveness in your skin even farther. Bentone gel is specifically formulated to help leave the skin feeling glossy and soft and harmonize other active materials that are used.

Deeply moisturizing and soothing for the skin

Because we’ve joined the cleaning actives with several other ingredients for example Macadamia Oil, a luxurious oil, which is readily absorbed into your skin and is proven to guard your skin cells from aging; and Shea Butter, which is a natural moisturizer and an emollient, this softens your skin, as well as soothes sore skin this facial cleanser won’t dry up your skin.

The mask also comprises unique sort of active Manuka Honey which stimulates the immune system and is full of antioxidants. It helps to recover and rejuvenate the skin, which makes it appear softer and younger.

Another significant active ingredient in this product is allantoin a natural product in certain herbs. It helps to facilitate inflammation and soothe your skin. It’s been scientifically made known to help restore damaged skin and stimulate skin development.

In addition a unique ingredient to provoke the regrowth of collagen in the skin

Just as all our care products for men’s skin, well, the facial cleansing mask features Xtend-TK, the best anti aging formula for the skin so far found. The cause of why you get creases is, when you start losing collagen in your skin, you become old. Though, Xtend-TK starts the redevelopment of collagen. These makes your wrinkles gradually but surely cease appearing.

Xtend-TK comprises a distinctive protein that’s nearly identical to the fundamental protein found in human skin. So it’s almost like applying a ‘liquid skin’ to your face and body.

With a total of 11 active ingredients working in synergy, it is a powerfully successful cleansing mask, which absorbs excessive skin oil and filth and revitalizes your skin. The deep active cleansing mask is created for all skin kinds and all climates.

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