Flooding And The Weather Are Weakening Your Foundation

Did you know that flooding and the weather are weakening your foundation? If you were not aware of this, simply take a look at your foundation and see the small cracks that are starting to appear. Then again, the cracks may have been there for a while and are causing more damage than what you can actually see. Eventually, extensive damage can be done to the home if the foundation is not repaired and if measures are not put in place to keep it from weakening again. A lack of preventive measures can cause you to spend a lot of money over time on foundation and home repairs.

But how does the weather do this?

Well, take a look at your drainage system around your foundation. Is the water actually moving away from your foundation or is it accumulating against it? Maybe you have a basement and you have noticed that water is making its way into your basement or your basement walls become wet when it rains. If the insides of your basement walls are wet when it rains, then this means that the water is seeping through the pours in the brick. Eventually, this causes those pours to widen and cracks will develop. This reduces the support under your home significantly. Eventually, the walls of the home take the stress and they can crack. This is how so many homes fall into disrepair.

But rain is one thing. Flooding can be an entirely different beast for the fact that it involves large amounts of water attacking the foundation all at once. Rainwater influences the foundation over time, but flooding can cause immediate damage, depending on the severity of the flooding. Then again, flooding that isn’t as severe can also cause accumulative damage.

But it isn’t just water damage that causes issues. The water can influence the soils underneath the foundation. The soils can expand and contract each time it rains. Eventually, the impact on the foundation causes it to crack. This is because there are thousands of pounds of pressure placed upon the areas under the most stress. The stress becomes so much that those areas simply give way. This results on stress being placed upon other areas of the foundation.

So how can you avoid this absolute mess?

Well, what you can do is install a drainage system around the home that keeps the water away from the foundation. It is also important to keep the soils under and around the home as dry as possible so that they can offer up the most support possible. When the foundation is properly supported, there are no pressure points that can crack. This can make your foundation last for a very long time.

As for the areas that are already weakened, they can be repaired. There is no reason for you to fret. The idea, however, is to ensure that the repairs are permanent or last as long as possible. And the way to do this is to make sure preventative measures are put in place so the integrity of your home will last lifetimes.

Craig Powers is the owner & CEO of Power Jack Foundation Repair, a Texas-based residential foundation repair company serving Dallas/ Fort Worth, and the greater DFW since 1991. For more information on foundation repair services check out http://www.PJFR.com

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