Have Fun In Your Life When You Learn About Soap Making!

Everyone is interested in trying out a new hobby to keep them busy. Soap making seems to be one that people are interested in. Since you are allowed to be creative when you make soaps that you would use for taking bath, this is really something that you should try.

People are very much into this because it allows them to be very creative. There are different ways to actually make soaps. It all depends on how you want to make your soaps. There is the melt and pour method, hot process, cold process and handmilled process of making soaps.

If you plan to start with this activity now, the first things that you have to know are the substances that are used to make these soaps. Soaps are primarily made from mixing fats and oils. This is called the saponification process. You can use fats from animal or even vegetable. Other ingredients also include color, essentials oils and dyes. Just mix everything to get the ideal soap that you want to make.

The easiest method for making soap is the “melt and pour” method. This process is very straightforward. Soap base is available in bars that you just have to melt. Once melted, you can add the additives one by one in the soap mixture. You have to pour this on the molds to let the soap harden. This is a very simple process that you can make on your own.

Probably the cold process of soap making is a hassle-free method that you can try. First, it is important to mix the lye into water. Once this is done, add the fat in this mixture until it forms an emulsion. The additives go in next so add whatever you want to in the mixture. Cure this in the mild for 3 days until t is hard enough to cut. Once the soaps are solid, you have to cure the soap for an additional 3 weeks before you can practically use it.

For the hot process of making soaps, you just have to heat the soap mixture. Follow the steps of the cold process but make sure that you heat the pans while mixing the oils with the lye-water mixture. Carefully add the additives in the soaps once you have mixed everything. The soap mixture goes into the wooden mold and wait for it to harden. Once it does, you can start taking a bath using your new soaps.

Handmilled soaps are just soaps which have been melted and cured again. Old soaps are shaved and added into water. This is then melted to make the new batch of soaps. It is up to your creativity to make these soaps unique. This is then transferred into the molds to cure. Once the soaps have cured, you can start using these.

Sopa making is one activity that it definitely worth it. Once you start making soaps that you will enjoy using, you will get hooked in this. Know the possible options for soap making and you will surely have fun when you make the next batches of soaps.

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