Home Foundation Repair: Do You Need It?

Whether or not you need foundation repair, you should be knowledgeable about possible foundation issues that may affect your home.

Who needs to consult foundation specialists?

Consult a specialist if you are interested in preventing problems from going unnoticed. You deserve the peace of mind of either not needing any repairs, or knowing that you fixed the problem early. Consult one if you are a homeowner and you find signs of settling and shifting such as cracks in the home’s exterior stucco or brick work, cracks in interior walls-especially at the corners of doors and windows, doors and windows that no longer shut properly, tilted chimneys, or bowed walls. Some cracks are simply cosmetic, but it requires a foundation repair professional to make that determination. Once the foundation is determined to be damaged, repairs should be done as soon as possible. You may want to consult one if you live in an area with expansive soils, have trees nearby, or have poor compaction, plumbing leaks, or poor drainage underneath and around your home.

Who needs to have a foundation repair?

Once an inspection by a foundation specialist or structural engineer indicates your foundation is cracked, uneven, shifted, sinking, or otherwise compromised, seek repairs quickly. The problem will not go away on its own and can lead to additional (and more costly) problems including twisting of the home’s frame, doors and windows failing to fully close, and cracks in the drywall. When a home shifts enough, it can result in wasted heating and cooling energy which adds to the home’s energy costs, humidity changes in the home. Preserve your home’s safety, stability, and value by seeking repairs needed. If you need to sell your home, proactively get the repairs done because buyers know you cared enough to maintain the home properly. Along with a transferable lifetime warranty, a well-done foundation repair may be an additional selling point for prospective buyers.

Why would I need foundation repair?

If any symptoms are evident of potential problems, it is well worth your time to seek the opinion of a professional. Most will offer a free estimate, including cost, estimated time to complete, and method used. Regarding the discovery of symptoms of potential problems: Inactivity and procrastination are your worst enemies. Cracks are potentially serious and the problem will not go away on its own. The sooner a foundation is stabilized, the less extensive and a lower cost repair may be sought. A foundation problem left alone will only worsen, and can lead to more costly and extensive repairs, including plumbing and moisture-related problems. Repairing the foundation will not only stabilize the home, but protect its safety and value.

Foundation problems are not all “gloom and doom,” so don’t avoid being an informed consumer and pay close attention to your house and its surrounding environment. It is your home, your haven, and your investment. Protect it.

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