Hot Makeup Tips For Covering Acne!

You want to cover your acne, yet piling on the make up just seems to make it worse? Sometimes the trick is in the “less is more” approach. When looking for cosmetics, as an acne sufferer the words non-comedogenic and oil-free are your friends. Comedones are blackheads, caused by blockages in the pores. A non-comedegenic product is less likely to cause congestion in the skin and exacerbate your acne condition. Covering your acne does not require heavy make up application, in fact heavy makeup tends to highlight rather than detract from imperfections. It does however require some carefully applied makeup. If you get the order of the application right, you will be able to achieve the impression of a clear acne free complexion.

Start with clean skin and apply a light moisturiser such as an oil-free lotion. Do not make the common mistake of thinking that oil and moisture are the same thing.. if you deny the skin moisture it will compensate by producing more oil. The next step is your foundation. Make sure that you apply a light layer only and blend well- including down onto the neck. Foundation will help to even out the skintone and will provide a less reflective surface to the skin, making imperfections less obvious.

The next step is your concealer. Many people make the mistake of applying the concealer before the foundation. This is less effective as it tends to rub off when the foundation is being blended. Use the concealer to cover any particularly inflamed areas that are still red. Daub over the area and pat lightly to blend (do not rub). Remember to cover lightly any shadows under the eyes. Lastly a light sweep of powder over your face will give you a matt finish and set the foundation and concealer in place (again- less is more!!)


1. Cleanse skin and pat dry. Apply moisturizer
2. Apply foundation and blend well
3. Use concealer over inflamed areas- dab on and pat to blend
4. A light powder to set foundation and give a matt finish

Mineral make up is a fantastic option for acne sufferers as it provides the foundation, concealer and powder needed, in an all natural form, that is great for your skin!

Which ever product you decide to use, you must remember to remove your makeup thoroughly at the end of the day, this will prevent build up and congestion in the pores. Good skincare practice is essential in managing acne breakouts.

Julia Smythe is an internationally accredited Beauty Therapist. Julia has a special interest in aromatherapy, acne and slimming. You can find more information at:

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