How to Naturally and Effectively Remove Wrinkles on Your Skin

Removing wrinkles is easier said than done. This explains why many women are getting frustrated with their skin care regimens. Most of them have spent thousands of dollars and used lots of products just to remove those ugly furrows on their skin.

Why we develop wrinkles on the first place?

Wrinkles develop because the body no longer performs well. Specifically, it is no longer able to produce more collagen and elastin naturally. When we advance in age, the natural production line inside the body tends to slow down.

Consider these facts. The moment we reach the age of 25 years or so, around 1.5% of the entire collagen content is no longer replaced. In other words, they are eventually lost.

By the time we reach the age of 45 years or so, a whooping 33% of the entire content of collagen in the entire body are already lost. Unless sufficient remedy is administered, fine lines slowly appearing on your skin surface are like to deepen and become ugly furrows.

Those getting frustrated with their existing regimen easily resort to quick fix solutions. Most common of these are cosmetic surgical procedures. These do not provide lasting solutions, however.

At most, surgical procedures, like face lift, among others, only offer palliative or temporary solution to the skin problem. No matter how non-invasive they are, they do not address the core issue of skin wrinkles, to begin with.

Note that the body alone is able to produce its own supply of collagen. However, as stated earlier, this inherent ability to rejuvenate itself eventually weakens because of the natural aging process.

Literal application of collagen into the dermal surface does not solve the problem either. Many women easily fall prey to this latest fad in the cosmetic industry.

Remember always that collagen is a very complex structure. Its own molecular size is much larger than the diameter even of your skin pores. As such, it is not able to penetrate through the various levels of the dermis.

Removing wrinkles naturally is the best and most effective way of alleviating your skin condition. You can only do this by using creams containing natural substances, such as Cynergy TK, Phytessence Wakame and Manuka honey.

Said substances are taken from animal and plant sources with no known unwanted side effects. Most importantly, these natural ingredients are the most effective in boosting the natural production of collagen and elastin molecules in the body.

Unless you know where or how to find these substances, removing wrinkles will always remains an elusive goal to you.

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