Invigorating Your Skin and Keeping the Signs of Aging at Bay with Pure Herbal Face Masks

Natural face masks probably are the oldest sort of skincare known to man, and were highly regarded even as far as back as the period of the early Egyptians. Cleopatra for instance, would routinely make use of mud from the Dead Sea, and even to this very day, a lot of facial masks contain essential nutrients which are acquired from the very same mud Cleopatra was using all those years ago.

The main downside with masks is that they are generally quite expensive, and particularly when you enjoy using them a on a regular basis. Sure, there are several cheap ones available which come in powdered form, however as with many things in life, you generally get what you pay for. One other issue with the cheaper masks is that they usually contain several questionable ingredients.

Suppliers are swift to mention some ingredients which the public are familiar with, but quite a few ingredients aren’t mentioned at all, or if perhaps they are, it’s usually in the fine print that is often too tiny to read to start with. I personally don’t use and variety of skin-care products that contain chemical substances. My moisturizing creams, lotions, and my wrinkle-free creams are all 100% natural, so I wouldn’t even think of using a face mask that’s not 100% natural also.

With regards to facial masks, you also really need to keep in mind that there are different masks for different purposes. In a nut-shell, you are able to get masks which are developed specifically for clearing the skin, and you get those which are developed primarily for hydration purposes.

How often must you use these masks? I suggest a high quality “deep cleanse” mask once every ten to fourteen days. This is certainly a great way to get grime and toxins out of the pores of the skin without having to rely on any strong cleansers and and so on. My favorite masks are Kaolin based. In other words, the main base ingredient is Kaolin clay. I also frequently look for ingredients like Shea Butter and Active Manuka Honey, in addition to natural vitamin E.

For hydration masks, I also advocate fortnightly treatments which can either be done following your deep cleanse, or in the weeks between your cleansing sessions. A reliable hydration mask does not have to be washed off after a specific period of time as you do with a cleansing mask. This is because a reliable hydration mask ought to be made in such a way to ensure that your skin can absorb it.

These hydration masks are applied to the skin, and then basically forgotten about. Since it’s wise to use these shortly before bed, any residue left after roughly thirty minutes can easily be wiped off using some soft tissue so that you don’t leave any stains on the pillowcase.

Natural face masks are a great way to rejuvenate your skin, and just as you might expect, high quality masks which are free of any chemical compounds, can go a long way at keep those feared lines and wrinkle away.

Kalpana Rajagopalan has been helping many women achieve their skin care goals for several years already. If you’d like to know more about pure herbal face masks and other areas of skin care, kindly go to her site by clicking here.

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