Learning’s Of ITIL-Foundation 2014 Basics

ITIL-Foundation, ITIL Foundation 2014 is the latest exam that has been bought to the IT professionals for having credentials, by solving correctly forty questions in sixty minutes and getting sixty five percent through that, the choice of questions is multiple choices, and nobody is allowed to take the exam. The exam is actually taken by the professionals that seek understanding of ITIL framework, understanding of how ITIL can be used to enhance IT service management within an organization and who need to be informed about and ongoing service improvement seekers.

The syllabus that will help the applicants in being able to get the next level of certification by the ITIL-Foundation, ITIL Foundation 2014 exam is as follows:
The main topics in the exam are Service management, The ITIL service lifecycle, Generic concepts and architecture, Competence and training,

ITIL-Foundation, ITIL Foundation 2014 exam learning includes the objectives of the following topics in great details:
The first is Service management in which the applicants learn about the concept of best practices in the public domain, Describe and explain why ITIL is successful, Define and explain the concept of a service Define and explain the concept of internal and external customers, Define and explain the concept of internal and external service, Define and explain the concept of service management, Define and explain the concept of IT service management, Define and explain the concept of stakeholders in service management, Define processes and functions, the process model and the characteristics of processes

The next topic is for ITIL-Foundation, ITIL Foundation 2014 called The ITIL service lifecycle in which included are the learning objectives to, Describe the structure of the ITIL service lifecycle, objectives and scope of service strategy, value service strategy provides to the business , the purpose, objectives and scope of purpose, objectives and scope of service transition, value service transition provides to the business, the purpose, objectives and scope of business, main purpose, objectives and scope of continual service improvement, value continual service improvement provides to the business.

Third lesson is given as Generic concepts and definitions where the objectives are of Utility portfolio, Service catalogue, Governance, Business case, Risk management, Service provider, Supplier, Service level agreement, policy and Patterns of business activity.

The ITIL-Foundation, ITIL Foundation 2014 fourth topic is Key principles and models which cover value creation and partners for solutions for new or changed services, Management information architectures, processes required, Measurement methods and metrics, Continual service improvement, continual service improvement approach, role of measurement for continual service improvement and learning component that are Relationship between critical success factors (CSF) and key performance indicators, the purpose, objectives and Service portfolio management, The service portfolio, Financial management for IT services and Business relationship management.

For the topic of Service level management, applicants learn about Service-based SLA Multi-level SLAs (SD Service level requirements, SLA monitoring (SLAM), Service improvement plan, relationship between SLM and BRM, Service catalogue management, Serviceability, Vital business functions (VBF), Information security management, Information security policy, Supplier management, Supplier categories, Service capacity management, IT service continuity management, Purpose of business impact analysis.

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