Make Your Bathroom More Appealing With Soap Making

Soap is a necessity for all as it is what we use to clean ourselves whenever we shower. It may come in several forms but whatever you choose to use, its basic function is to remove dirt and oil on our bodies. In recent times, liquid soap and body wash has become more and more popular compared to the regular bar soap. But with the many creative designs that can be made with bar soaps, they are becoming relevant again and even used as displays on bathrooms.

A lot of people may think that soap making is hard and that you would require a factory to make soap. In contrast to this, making soap is a very easy process that you can do right at your own home. Even small children can make soap as long as they are supervised by adults.

Soap making can be done through two methods but you will require the same ingredients for both. The first method is the hot method, which involves heating of your ingredients. The second is the cold method, and you will not need any heat to make your soap. The first method is generally used if you have unpurified lye as you will not need exact measurements in this method.

The main ingredients that you will need to make soap are just lye and oil. With these two ingredients, you will already be able to make the most basic type of soap, without much special properties. Lye will need to be dissolved in water and continuously mixed. Once it has fully dissolved, the oil can then be added and the two substances will undergo a process called saponification. This whole process will require heating in the hot method, but the heat is not needed for the cold method.

Once the above mixture has become homogenous, you can now place the mixture into molds and wait for them to harden. You can choose different kinds of molds to suit the design that you want to make. Addition of dyes may also be done before or during pouring of the mixture into the molds to give your soap the color of your preference.

After a few hours, your soap should have hardened but you can still make alterations on the design using knives. Other modifications that you can do with your soap are adding fragrant oils or lotions after saponification is done so that your soap will have added properties. Adding herbal leaves is another option that you can do to add to your soap’s appeal.

When making your soap, you should already have the finished product in mind. This means that you should choose the specific type of oil that you will use so that your soap will have the property that you like. If you plan on using your soap as a display, use oils that will give your soap a harder property. If you want to use it for showering, you may choose oils that will be good for lathering.

Because of the many ways that you can alter hard soaps, soap making is really a very fun hobby to do. It will stimulate your hands and mind as to how to think of creative ways to make your soap. Now, you won’t have to buy those regular and boring soaps at the supermarket, when you can start making your own soaps at home.

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