Makeup Tips to Give Your Tired Eyes A Pop

Your eyes tell more about you than just about any other physical feature. When it comes to your emotions, your energy levels, and your true feelings, it’s all in your eyes. So what do you do when you have a late night, a rough week, or a long day and it shows? Whether it’s a big day at work, a special date, or any other important event, sometimes you just can’t afford to look tired and worn out. Use these makeup tricks to help disguise tired eyes for good.

You will want to start with a good concealer in a slightly warmer shade (a more yellowish tone) than your skin. Dab a tiny bit of concealer on the inside corner of your eye and blend it into your skin by tapping lightly with your ring finger. The warmth of your finger helps to make the concealer supple. This makes it easier to blend and helps give it a natural look against your skin. Blend towards the outside of your nose and over the general inner corner of your eye. This area is often deep set on many women’s faces, and usually has a bluish tone to it since skin is thin and more delicate in that area. Lightening the area and neutralizing the color can help your eyes appear brighter.

If you have undereye circles, you will also use the same shade of concealer to take care of the undereye area as well. Dab another tiny bit of concealer just beneath the inner corner of each eye. Blend with your ring finger and tap lightly to blend the concealer around the rest of your undereye area. Undereye circles are darkest towards the inner corner of the eye and fade towards the outer edge of the undereye area, which is why you will want to start near the inner corner and blend outwards.

Next, apply a skin brightening foundation. Alternatively, apply your regular foundation and dust a reflective skinfinish or highlighter product in select areas to give your skin a refreshing glow. This will help to give your tired skin a boost.

This next makeup trick helps your eyes appear more open and fresh. Use a slightly pearly eyeliner pencil in a shade anywhere between cream and pale beige. Some people recommend using white for this technique, but white almost always ends up looking too obvious and unnatural – especially up close! The best shades to use are ones that have a pearly or radiant finish (not too shimmery, not too matte). Use the pencil to highlight and lightly line the very inner corner of your eye. Then use it to line the inner lash line of your lower lid. This is not the lash line underneath your lower lash, it’s the actual thin line of skin between your eyeball and your lower lashes! Some call it the “waterline” or the “inner lash line”. A lot of people don’t usually apply eyeliner to this area, but it’s one of the best kept secrets when it comes to giving tired eyes a pop.

Finally, go ahead and apply your normal eyeshadow from your eyelid to your brow bone. Choose a color that complements your skin tone and gives a pearl or satin sheen to your lid. Slightly shimmery neutral shades work perfectly. Using the right color will complement the rest of these makeup techniques on these “tired” days. Next, apply eyeliner along your upper lashline only. Then, use an eyelash curler to curl your upper eyelashes. This helps to open up your eyes even more. Finish off your look by applying two thick coats of mascara.

Now that you have finished your tired eye “fix”, you’re ready to take on anything. Just don’t forget the most important part of your look: your smile!

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