OKI C3300n – A Worthy Laser Printer

OKI Printing Solutions Company made a good addition to its line of LED printers – the OKI C3300n. This device is affordably priced, compact and silent – all that can be well appealing to both home and company users.

One of the above appearance of this printer is the ProQ Technology, which makes it accessible for individual dot to accept altered akin of brightness. This, in turn, enables reproduction of attenuate blush shades, bland gradients and advanced gamut. All these factors are important for top superior printing.

The exoteric of OKI C3300n is ambrosial abundant in accordance with industry standards. The foreground console holds the ascendancy console with two buttons and three indicators. There is aswell a appropriate pedal to accessible the high lid that hides LED toners and photo drums.

Unfortunately, there is no ablaze indicator for printer status, so you’d accept to adviser the press action and toner cachet with the software. Cardboard is loaded through sliding 250-sheet tray; aperture the printer awning gives admission to cardboard affairs mechanism.

Toner replacement is no difficulty at all, any user can make it. However, you need to be careful during cartridge replacement, as, when the toner cartridge is disconnected from the drum, the toner is often spilt all over.

The OKI C3300n supports several operating mode. As for the press quality, you can use one of the three capital modes: ProQ2400 (best quality), Fine (1200×600 dpi) and General (600×600 dpi).

The printer supports a dozen of media types – from approved A4 to alien Tabloid Extra (12×18 inches). Several body types are as well supported.

According to the manufacturer, this baby and bargain printer archetypal is advised to bear the assignment of as abundant as 35,000 impressions a month. The technology of single-pass press enables the acceleration of 12 blush or 16 connected pages per minute.

Colorful argument produced with OKI C3300n can calmly be apprehend even at 6 pt chantry size. Smaller chantry sizes are added difficult to apprehend as letter become blurry. However, the atramentous and white texts are abundant bigger in agreement of readability, 2 pt chantry sizes can acutely be fabricated out. The printer ailing handles the reproduction of low assimilation colors. Factually, at 9% assimilation you can’t acquaint the color.

The amethyst shades are handled a little better, the blush fades at alone 5% saturation. It should be noted, that this all applies to ProQ2400 accomplished superior approach ; in added cases the blush reproduction is abundant worse. However, don’t overlook you are ambidextrous with an inkjet photo printer, so no one apprehend aforementioned blush press quality. As for the accepted business graphics, the printer’s capabilities are added than abundant for active blush results.

It’s a advanced accepted actuality that laser printers are not advised for photo printing. So far they are no bout to they inkjet counterparts, but in this LED printer powered by ProQ technology the developers accept fabricated some efforts to change the situation.

In OKI C3300n menu, there are two additional options available: “Enhanced photo” and “Toner economy”. The printer settings allow adjustment of color range, brightness and saturation through one of color management modes. Besides, there is an option of color profile alignment for different monitors and cameras, so that the color you see on screen is properly reproduced with toner cartridges on paper. The Enhanced Photo mode does what it has to do very well, and photographs look very appealing even when printed on regular office paper.

The OKI C3300n come equipped with a number of useful utilities. For instance, with Template Manager you can always have a variety of templates for non-standard documents like envelopes, business cards, etc. The Web Print utility allows such arrangement of a web page on a paper sheet that no text or image is lost. The printer is good value for the money; it can be recommended not only to small offices, but also to home users who need a simple yet inexpensive color printer and don’t want to spend a lot on OKI toner.

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