Soap Making Is A Hobby To Keep Your Mind Busy

A good way to spend your free time is by taking up a hobby. If you are thinking of a hobby to try out, then soap making is one activity that will surely gain your interest. This hobby will suit anyone of all ages as it is very easy to do but the real challenge with this hobby is coming up with new and creative designs with your soap.

First you will have to learn how to make the most basic type of soap. You will need to continue practicing until you get your technique right so that you will have no problems in making the type of soap that you want. Once you have done this, you can start making soap with creative designs.

Making soap will only require a few ingredients. The two most important ingredients are oil and lye. In addition to these, you will need coloring dyes, fragrant oils and other ingredients such as lotions or herbal extracts to give your soap added properties. Also, using different types and combinations of oils will alter the basic properties of your soap.

Once you have already practiced and perfected your technique of soap making, you can now use different kinds of molds in order to give your soap a nice shape. But relying just on molds is boring and you may want to further improve on your soap. You may use knives to sculpt your soap while it is still soft so that you may add some personal touches to your soap design.

You may also want to make some color designs on your soap. One such color design that you can try is making a tie-dye effect. By slowly pouring in your dye while mixing your soap mixture is a good way to make a design. Let this harden so that the color pattern may become permanently embedded in the soap.

The same way how you made creative designs with clay when you were younger, you can also apply those same designs when making your soap. It will be a bit harder since soap is not as malleable as clay. You will have to be creative on how you will put into action the designs in your head.

This hobby is also very practical to do as your soaps will not go to waste. Even though you make a mistake in creating our soap, you will still be able to use your soap in showering and cleaning. Your more beautiful designs can then be used as decors in the bathroom or as gifts to give out to friends and relatives. You may also want to sell your soaps if you can already make excellent designs.

Soap making is definitely a hobby that will keep you busy for long periods of time as you will be challenged to think of ways of how to put your designs into action. You will surely enjoy this hobby especially if you like working with your hands.

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