Testimonials From Foundation Repair Customers

Do homeowners really write testimonials about their home foundation repair job? Yes the do. They usually write a testimonial when the repair job has been very bad or very good. Fortunately, for most repair companies and homeowners the repair job has been done satisfactorily. Typically a home owner will comment on the explanation of the repair process during the inspection, the care given to their plants and shrubs, and the overall efficiency of the work crew. So let’s take a look at what some homeowners think and feel about the repair job done on one of their most valuable assets.

Testimonial #4 is from a lady who was very happy after the job and wrote a testimonial of her home foundation repair job. “Dear folks at Dawson,

. . . I can’t tell you how pleased I was with your services. . . . Everyone associated with your company made it as pleasant as possible. Everyone was always courteous, helpful, punctual, and went above and beyond the call of duty including coming back . . . to help . . . replace the furniture. Please use me as a reference when bidding jobs – I would love to let other know what a wonderful job you did! Thanks, Kay K. ”

Testimonial #7 is from a satisfied couple. “Rita and I wanted to write to thank you and your company for a very professional foundation job on our townhouse. . . . Your crews did an excellent job and we were very pleased with the entire process including clean up.”

Testimonial #10 is evidence that many clients want an experienced home foundation repair company. “We went with your company instead of Du-West or Atlas Foundation Companies. The reason was your company was more experienced. . . . Also, the estimator you sent out was very knowledgeable . . . Thank you, Ed”

Testimonial #12 is a testimonial letter written to the Better Business Bureau. It demonstrates the appreciation for a job well done. “Dear Mr. Parsons,

I recently had business with Dawson Foundation Company. I was extended kind and courteous treatment. The foundation work has worked very good and . . . . My neighbor also had Dawson Foundation Company do work at their residence. I would recommend this company for their honesty and fair dealings with customers. Yours truly, Ann B.”

Testimonial #13 is from another happy couple that wrote about their pleasant home foundation repair experience. “Dear Mr. Dawson, My wife and I are most pleased with the quality of work performed -and- the thoughtfulness and courtesy extended to us by your work crew during the initial drilling and placement of the piers, and the subsequent leveling of the house. You can list us as “most satisfied clients” in any future marketing promotion that you may want to do. Hope that Dawson Foundation Repair, Inc. is having a banner year of work and profit and that the coming holidays brings happiness and other choice blessings to you and your family – and – to the family of each of your employees. Sincerely, Joseph L. K.”

Testimonial #20 is a common testimonial about the work crews. “At last, a professional group who know their jobs and executed them to my satisfaction. M. D. H.”

Testimonial #21 is a happy client that has been referring friends and neighbors for years. “Excellent – have referred many people to Dawson (Foundation Repair) over the years since our first stabilization 7-8 years ago.”

Testimonial #32 is an example of a real estate investor who is very satisfied with the foundation repair work done on his properties. “I chose Dawson Foundation (Repair) to perform the required foundation repairs for my home because I believe that you have a good product and because I am impressed with the professional attitude that you present. This is the fourth time you have worked for me. I have always been pleased with your work, but this time I believe Donnie and his crew have gone above and beyond the required service. . Sincerely, L. D.”

Testimonial #40 is another repeat client who has written a testimonial letter about his home foundation repair jobs. “I would definitely recommend Dawson (Foundation Repair). This is the second time I have used Dawson and would use the company in the future if needed.”

Testimonial #54 is another example of satisfied clients referring others. “I gladly would recommend Dawson Foundation Repair to friends, family, and neighbors. It was our next door neighbor who recommended Dawson to us and we are glad he did.”

Testimonial # 187 shows the value of a comprehensive web site. “Good explanation, however, I personally researched via the Dawson website. . . . I already have made recommendation to others.”

Testimonial #195 is another satisfied client. “Very pleased with the work. I would recommend Dawson to others.”

Testimonial #200 illustrates that the performance of the work crew and supervisor is critical to client satisfaction. “The foreman was well informed and answered all of my questions. He conveyed a desire to do the job right and to make me part of the process.”

Martin Dawson is the co-founder of Dawson Foundation Repair headquartered in Houston, Texas. He is a leading authority on repairing failed commercial and home foundations using the time tested and thoroughly researched drilled Bell Bottom Pier method. His company has serviced Texas since 1984, and since 2009 began to expand into other southern states.

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