The Distinction Between A Qualified And A Nonqualified Addiction Treatment Program In Connecticut

There are some programs for drug addiction treatment which have been approved in the state of Connecticut. Here there are several kinds of treatment programs here, but they are a mix of programs that the state has approved for treatment and those that the state has not yet approved. These programs can have licenses, but not every addiction treatment program in is termed as treatment centers.

Only those programs that are an approved addiction treatment program in Connecticut is named as a qualified program. These programs with few changes to suit the requirement of the residents but they are those programs that are stated by the federal authorities on substance abuse treatment and the state of Connecticut. Thus, we mostly know as qualified treatment programs in Connecticut are federal programs for addiction treatment with smaller alterations.

The people generally trust these programs more because the experts from the state authorities have tried and tested and have found them to be suitable for treating addictions. The treatment like the outpatient treatment program, the day treatment program, the residential treatment program, the rehab treatment program, the detox program and even an inpatient treatment program which does not include detox in it are all considered as qualified treatment programs. Since all these programs are approved by the federal and also the state authorities.

Although some programs are justified concepts but they are not completely conventional in nature. Since, there are no logical data to guarantee their success. The state of Connecticut does not consider them as approved methods of addiction treatment. So these programs are clubbed as nonqualified treatment programs.

On the contrary there are such programs that are quite popular but they are not yet approved for addiction treatment. These are the holistic and the alternative health programs. There are many such therapies and treatment programs that can be classified here, such as the faith based programs, the spiritual healing programs, the herbal detoxification plans, the holistic residential rehabs, the massage and Yoga therapies and many more. There are both medical as well as nonmedical programs included here. Some of these programs use some alternative therapies for relieving people of their addiction while some of them depend more on a counseling and education approach.

This nonqualified addiction treatment program does not mean that the program is unlicensed. But any of the above programs will also need a license to function in the state, and start the treatment whether it is approved by the state or not. Hence these programs are legal, but they are yet not acceptable forms of treatment. They are not considered as much as the qualified programs are.

Many people taking the nonqualified treatment are also very happy with success of the treatment programs and way their recovery is progressing. Therefore the nonqualified treatment programs are good and effective methods of treatment. Also, these programs are even appealing several celebrity clients from across the globe and attracting many people. But still the qualified treatment programs popular and edge over the nonqualified treatment programs because of the following factors:

1. The defined advantage is the insurance companies are willing to provide to the coverage to the qualified addiction treatment program as these programs are approved by the state and legal authorities and they are also considered to be safe by the insurance companies. But the same cannot be considered for the nonqualified treatment programs. The people taking nonqualified treatment may get insurance from these companies.

2. The qualified programs are approved by the state substance abuse treatment authorities. Hence, these programs are quite popular and esteemed. People consider them more trustworthy and reliable for their recovery. The other therapies and other holistic programs are mostly experimental in nature. People would not depend on them as much as they do on a program that has been approved by the state.

3. Another advantage is the monetary benefits that the program offers. Programs that have been distinguished as qualified for addiction treatment are most times also funded wholly or in part by the state authorities. Therefore it is very beneficial to the patient because the costs get reduced. There are also other options for payment in most cases which helps the patient to reduce the burden of the treatment. On the other hand, the nonqualified treatment programs are definitely more expensive because they are carried on in a private treatment centers and there is no backing from the state.

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