The Significance of Natural Personal Lubricants and Body Lotions

Organic skin care products contain only natural substances such as extracts of natural oil, plant and herbal extracts which help your skin. Unlike, non-organic products which have chemicals, natural products will not have negative reactions. Most people use creams and lotions that have parabens, mineral oils and artificial fragrances which are harmful.

Personal Lubricants

Oily substances for personal use are available in four categories; petroleum, silicon, water and natural oil. Generally, commercial lubricants contain parabens which mimic estrogen; they are very easily absorbed by the skin as well as mucous membranes such as the vaginal tissues. This can be very harmful and can even cause cancer. This is why; natural personal lubricants such as olive oil, nut, salad or vegetable oils are good to be used. Commercial lubricants are all petroleum-based; when used with the common latex condoms, it traps the bacteria which can lead to infections. They also contain glycerin which is linked to glucose; this acts as food for yeast. Some of the conventional lubes may also prevent conception. If you consider these harmful effects, organic personal lubricant is the safest to use.

Ingredients in Commercial Moisturizers

Most of us today use body lotions for moisturizing the skin. However, what we don’t realize is that most of the common moisturizers contain harmful chemicals that can result in complications. Many of them contain Propylene Glycol and mineral oil that actually suck the moisture from your inner skin layers; this can in fact, dehydrate your skin. It can also lead to improper breathing of your skin. Another ingredient is the artificial fragrance that can result in allergic reactions leading to breathing difficulty, skin problems, inflammation, migraines and dizziness. Therefore, it is important to use only organic body lotion. This contains fatty acids and different organic cholesterols. It can also truly mimic the lipid system of your skin that controls skin hydration and forms a barrier protecting your skin without suffocating it.

Lotion for Dry Skin

Find out how a body lotion for dry skin works before you purchase one. The best ingredient for fighting dryness is grape seed oil. Additionally, jojoba oil, Manuka honey and olive oil are excellent and lubricate the skin very well. If your skin is dry, it means that your body is not producing adequate sebum. Natural moisturizers help balance the production of sebum in order to stop dryness. Natural ingredients react well with natural skin oils and complements the skin. They also penetrate the skin deep inside and hydrate it effectively. On the contrary, commercial body lotions contain collagen derived from animals, hyaluronic acid and moisturizers that are petroleum-based. The latter is virtually not absorbable and animal-based tissues are too dense for penetration.

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