Ways for Oklahoma City Foundation Repair

Foundation repair are necessary when there are problems in the homes like cracks, home leaning to one side etc.

There are various signs which indicate foundation problems. The cracked walls which are seen commonly, the doors which don’t close, the bulging floors etc indicate that the foundation needs repair. Foundation settlement leads to major structural problems of the home. This happens when the building is built with expansive clay, compressible or improperly compacted fill soils, or improper maintenance around foundations. Settlement has the power to destroy the value of structures and make them unsafe. There are ways to repair the concrete foundation without tearing it out or start it from scratch. Oklahoma City foundation repair has various contractors who do foundation repairs.

Foundation repairs are mostly from soil related problems. Soil erosion, expansive soils, poor compaction, poor water proofing, excessive organic materials etc are most common causes that lead to foundation repairs. There are some indications which show foundation problems. The various indications are that the home leaning to one side, windows and doors becoming stuck and misaligned, cracks in basement, water puddles that form around the base of the home etc, which shows that foundation needs repairs. There are various solutions for this type of problems. Steel piers are one such solution for most foundation repair issues which happens due to organic soils, swelling clays etc. Steel piers are economical as well as permanent solution for problems mentioned above. The advantage of steel piers is that they do not rely on soil skin friction to provide support. Each of the steel piers is load tested before installing it into the foundation. Helical piers are other type of solution that have the capacity and longevity to support the home and also one which are easy to install and a good choice for foundation repair. This type of piers is also used for new constructions. Plate anchors are other type of solution which is designed to stabilize cracking. This is the most economical method for providing supplemental lateral force which helps stabilize the bowed walls. This type of installation is quick and can be done with minimum excavation and can be done with hand held equipments.

Oklahoma City foundation repair has various contractors who do the foundation repairs using the various options. The customers who experience foundation repairs should contact a qualified and experienced foundation repair specialist and discuss with the problems. Once the problems are identified and solutions are discussed, it is better to get and estimate for completion of the work.

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