What’s The Best Way To Temporarily Hide A Bruise?

When the spring weather says it’s time to wear a new pair of shorts, or you are headed out all dressed up for a night on the town, the last thing that you are expecting is a large, new bruise some place visible on your body.

Bruises can produce a lot of concerned looks and unwanted questions, but this doesn’t mean that its time to break out the parka. Instead, learn some more about how you can hide your bruises with makeup. Even dark bruises that are brilliant blacks and blues can be covered up, if you just know how.

The first thing you should try to accomplish is to reduce the bruise as much as you can. You can use a washcloth soaked in ice water or an ice pack applied directly to the bruise for not longer than 15 minutes. Exceeding 15 minutes can lead to some discomfort, but a prudent application of cold can help reduce swelling and perhaps even cause the bruise to diminish slightly because it can help dissolve the blood clot which is the origin of the bruise.

In order to choose the proper makeup, your analysis of the colors of the bruise is essential. The blues of a bruise can be offset using yellow makeup, and using beige colored makeup is best to negate red colors in a bruise. Your best choice of makeup types would be a concealer that can be rubbed into the bruise, with cream concealer being a better choice than the powdered form. These basic facts should have you on you way to an effective cover up.

Extend the edges of the concealer that you have used beyond the bruise itself. This helps you get a smooth natural look, rather than looking as though you have simply applied a patch.

After the concealer has had enough time to dry, you can determine whether you need to add another layer. If the concealer is spread very thinly across the bruise, you may well need to add another layer. Consider using a setting powder on the concealer dull the shine of the makeup as well as keep your coverup in place. Using a number 1 brush for the setting powder is probably your best choice for optimum effect.

If you are trying to hide several smaller bruises, you can skip the use of concealer. Select cosmetics that complement your skin tone as well as matching the undertones of your skin color. Eyeshadow can be a great choice for hiding smaller bruises, and you can use green eye shadow to reduce the red or purple in your bruises, as long as the eyeshadow has tones in common with your skin, and yellow eyeshadow can be used to conceal the blue in your bruises as long as the color undertones are consistent with your particular skin tone.

Eventually all bruises will fade away naturally, but in order to avoid dressing in jeans and a long sleeve shirt, remember these tips on concealing your bruises. A better option to just hiding your bruises would be to reduce and prevent bruising altogether by following an all natural supplement program like Bruises Be Banned.

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