Why Wear Foundation?

Foundation forms the base of the entire facial makeup. Applying foundation on the face before doing your makeup is the best way of achieving an even complexion. Forming the base layer on your skin, it evens out your skin tone and makes your makeup stay for longer. Foundation helps you to block those facial imperfections by giving you a glowing skin. We have also listed some top reasons why you should wear foundation:

* It acts as a barrier for your skin against pollution and toxins in the environment.
* Adding radiance to your complexion, it evens out your skin color.
* Foundation forms a base for your makeup and makes skin blemishes less noticeable.
* Most foundations come with sunscreens which you must wear everyday basis as a defense against ageing and skin problems.
* It makes your open pores look smaller and tones down any red skin tendency.

Now, the challenge, which foundation to use? Wrong foundation for your skin color is enough to ruin your entire look. Because of numerous brands available in the market, finding the right foundation is a tricky task. Foundation is available in various types and this makes the choice more complicated. We have listed below the various types of foundations, to help you find the best for yourself:

Liquid foundation
Available in liquid form, this foundation is available in different variants such as oil-free, waterproof, 24-hour and oil-based. It is one of the most versatile foundations and suits almost every skin type. This foundation is a little greasy and makes the skin look dewy and moist.

Mineral foundation
This foundation contains all the essential minerals which have been used for cosmetic purposes for thousands of years. Mineral foundation is known to cover acne and gives the skin a natural glow.

Stick foundation
Available in solid form, this foundation has a great drying effect. Stick foundation is best suited for oily skin. It smoothly covers all the blemishes and scars. Because of its texture, it doubles up as a concealer.

Remember to pick up the right foundation shade for your skin or else you may end up looking unnatural. Also keep in mind that applying foundation is not merely adding color to your skin but also giving your skin a protective layer against the polluted environment. So, with this, its time you get going for that gorgeous skin! if you want to know more about that you may log on to lcorecosmetics.com.

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