You’ll Never Go Wrong With Trying Out Soap Making As A New Hobby

There are probably a lot of reasons why soaps are used in our lives. All this time, we have always bought the soaps from local groceries. It will really be nice if we learned how soaps are made. Instead of buying these, you have the option of actually making your own soaps that you use for washing and cleaning. You may also be creative when you start making your soaps.

Soap is basically a salt of a fatty acid. In laymen’s terms, fats and oils are combined with alkali in order to produce these soaps. This process is called saponification. You might be surprised to discover that all of the soaps that you see are made under this principle. This is how amazing soap making is. With just one step, you will be able to make a lot of soap varieties.

The primary step in soap making, is mixing lye and water. This is very crucial since this can release heat and make the mixture hot. Before handling the mixture, you have to make sure that the soap has already cooled down. This is the time when you can add the additives in the mixture before placing in the mold.

The first things that you have to ensure when making soap are the weights of your ingredients. Remember that soaps are made under a chemical reaction. It goes unexplained that the reaction must be completed order to get the ideal soap. Remember that too much of a certain ingredient may be harmful for the skin.

Next is choosing the method for soap making. The major processes of soaps are the cold process, hot process, melt and pour soap and transparent soap method. You just have to pick the right method that you are comfortable in. With the right method, you will be able to make a whole batch of soaps perfectly.

The basicity of soaps is an important factor. Especially since we use these on our bodies, we have to control the pH of soaps. If the soaps are too basic, it may cause irritations on the skin. By dropping phenolphthalein on the soap mixture you will be able to see how basic the soap is. The color must only be faint pink when phelophthalein is added. This will indicate the pH is around 7 to 9.

You can also add additives in order to enhance the properties of soap. Essential oils are the easiest additives that you can incorporate in the mixture. These make the soaps more fragrant and more appealing to use.

Soap making is indeed an interesting activity. Instead of using the usual soaps that you buy, you can choose to make your own. Since you decide what you put in your soaps, it will be a more enjoyable activity. Once you start with creating your own soaps, you will surely get hooked in soap making.

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